About Us

QAS was jointly established in 1996 by Swissport International and Knafaim Holdings Ltd, with the aim of providing a broad range of outstanding ground handling services.

Over nearly two decades, the company has consistently achieved its goals to provide the highest quality services 24/7, with reliability, professionalism and flexibility to meet the customer’s individual needs.

This is a result of management’s three-way vision:

  • Focus on Customers – Delivering fully customized services to airlines and executive aviation customers, on demand and on time.

  • Focus on QA – Focus on safety and quality assurance.

  • Focus on Personnel – Our staff is our most important asset. Satisfied employees are motivated and dedicated to provide the highest service standard.

Moving on, moving up

Over the years, QAS has emerged and excelled in new arenas. In partnership with the prestigious Dan Hotel chain, QAS operates VIP lounges in Ben Gurion Airport’s Terminal 3 and Terminal 1. The company has also partnered with Joe Coffee, a renowned Israeli chain of coffee shops, in the joint operation of two cafés in Terminal 3.

QAS offers a full suite of services to provide a synergy of activities and streamlined quality for its customers.