Vision & Milestones
QAS Israel Ltd strives to enable customers and staff to fulfill their potential and realize their goals via our comprehensive range of business activities.

We are committed to the values that form the foundation of the company’s character:
  • Reliability & integrity
  • Commitment to excellence & striving towards self-improvement
  • Trust & respect for customers and employees
  • Embracing challenges and bringing them to fruition
  • Individual & collective responsibility for the delivery of quality to customers, partners and employees
  • Strong conviction to create a mutually beneficial working experience with our customers and partners
1996 QAS Quality Airport Services Israel Ltd is established on November 1st, owned equally by Swissport International and Knafaim Holdings Ltd. QAS is the first joint venture for Swissport outside of Switzerland.
1997 The GSE unit (Ground Support Equipment) is established.
1999 QAS establishes a quality assurance system and receives ISO 9001 certification.
2003 Planning of the new operational infrastructure at Terminal 3 is underway. The company experiences organic growth and wins tenders for new, innovative ventures in Terminal 3, including 5 VIP lounges and 2 coffee shops.
2004 The company moves to Terminal 3 and successfully operates its newly-won tenders.
2006 GAS (Global Aviation Services), for the provision of cargo handling services, is established.
2008 QAS provides on-ramp cargo handling, together with Swissport.
2010 QAS opens a third coffee shop in Ben Gurion Airport, and purchases a new towbarless aircraft towing vehicle. The company increases its low-cost operations.
2013 QAS is qualified for ISAGO certification by IATA.
2014 QAS assimilated the "FSC" OPS and financial electronic system as a global process at SWISSPORT INTL'.
2015 renew the ISAGO certification Establishing a station in VDA Implementation of the FSC and Findnet Biling system.
2016 renew the ISO 9001 Purchasing additional GSE